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Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

A very fun minimalist puzzle game. I love it! It looks, feels and sounds clean. It reminds me of Flash games from the mid-2000s: minimalist games that were basic (and very effective) in their approaches to fun and functionality.

My only complaint is that the game made my browser lag tremendously. I tried a different browser (which froze a lot less), but it was something that was still occuring. Once I got the game to work properly, it wasn't a big deal, but it's still something I feel like I should mention.

Nevertheless, I'd love to see this game expanded, with more traps and levels.

Keep up the great work!

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LightWolfStudios responds:

Glad you liked it! Those were the games we grew up playing, so clearly we were influenced by them! :)

But concerning the performance problem you were having, I'm curious as to what browser you were having the most problems with, and maybe a few specs about your machine. Any chance you could send us a quick PM?

And thanks for playing!

Salamis Salamis

Rated 5 / 5 stars

This is, hands down, one of my favorite Flash games I've played in a long while.

Everything about this game feels natural. The gameplay itself reminds me of Asteroids or Xevious (which is good.). It's fine that there's no music, because the sounds add an excellent atmosphere to the gameplay. I also like the graphics; it's got a style to it that you could call your own.

Even though I adore this game, I still have a couple of gripes about it. For example, I feel that it would've been better if the enemies were also food (burgers, donuts, etc.). I feel like this would've added more consistency to the game; instead, the enemies just feel like throwaways from other games. Also, once you beat the chicken boss, the variety in patterns gets pretty repetitive pretty quickly. There should be a set pattern for every level (enemies never spawn too close to you or eachother, enemy count is never too low or too high, there are never too many of one type of enemy, etc.), but there should be enough variety where the game doesn't randomly generate similar patterns multiple times in a row.

If you ever have any spare time, you should actually consider making a 'SALAMIS+', with different modes, level customization, a larger variety of enemies, etc. Don't get me wrong: I like the game as is, but I think an expanded version could further elaborate on this game's basic concept. I admire its simplicity, but I think that adding a plethora of features could enhance this game even more.

Despite my nitpicks, this was still an excellent game. Keep up the great work!

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StuffedWombat responds:

Oh thank you for your detailed response!

We are completely on the same page. I also think that the enemies should have been more consistent and I realise that the pattern gets extremely repetetive.

I made this game in 2 and a half days, This is not a good thing, as it had the potential to be much more substantial and longer.
Sadly I was very much pressed for time during developement. That was completly my fault (bad planning is a bad thing).

Concerning "Salamis +", I have to dissapoint you.
I am currently working on "Selectorium +" and after that i will make "Shword +".

While I think that salamis is a cool concept, it is very unlikely that I will revisit it in the near future :)

Again, thanks for taking the time to type out that comment!
have a nice day ;)